Shop Story

Located remotely in your wildest dreams. This one of a kind boarding apparel shop creates and sells designs featuring its own unique logo. Built long ago on a secluded island cove, it is not easy to find and does not exist on any map. Feels like going back in time to the origins of the surfing culture. The locals regard this place highly and think of it as a tribal temple of sorts. The primitive style shop is family owned and despite it's appearance has withstood many a tropical storm. Inspired by ancient cave drawings our logo features the legendary chilled local himself who is credited with creating the first surfboard on the island. 

While surfing is obviously popular in this area, snowboarding also happens at a permanent snowfield on an extinct volcano. You can ride it year round although February and March is when it really gets dumped on. The views are worth the hike alone as there are no lifts. Real riders always hike to special spots anyway, so it's not a big deal! Life is very laid back here but being eternally stoked for the ride has always been like a religion. Funds are currently being raised at the shop to build a tropical style skate park which has never been seen before. When completed we will officially become an all boarding world class destination. 

If you are feeling stuck in a Ho-Hum existence try imagining yourself visiting our shop. Rent a surfboard, buy a t-shirt and spend some time chillin in real paradise. That would be good medicine for anyone! Our exotic location may be one of folklore but our products are 100% real and are made of the highest quality. We ship anywhere in the world for free and that is our commitment to spreading the Chilled Local way of life. Every item we sell embraces the soul of the boarding lifestyle and will totally Stoke Your Vibe!